We provide first-class engineering, hydrotechnical engineering, and maintenance services for vessels, as well as specialized diving works tailored to various industries and individual customers.

NUREK SERVICE is all about people. We professionally and effectively deal with the entire process - from detailed work planning, efficient implementation, to final acceptance.

prace podwodne Szczecin - spawanie kadłubów statków

We have been operating in Western Pomerania since 1991, however, our experience is being gained for over 50 years.

Our history began in Szczecin, but the range of our activities covers the whole Europe. NUREK SERVICE consists of qualified employees with authorizations for underwater and ground-based works, as well as a team of people managing the organization and safety of works.

Who do we work for?

We have cooperated with the most important national institutions responsible for shipping and shipbuilding.

Trusted by us, among others:


Our diving expertises, underwater repairs, welding works, and inspections of vessels
are in accordance with current standards and European certificates.

We are professionals.

We professionally perform the tasks set; after each order we issue work protocols/diving certificates and full documentation confirming the scope of work.

taucher Szczecin - spawanie statków


    • classifiction inspections (Registro Italiano Navale, Det Norske Veritas, Bureau Veritas)
    • inspection and repair of hydrotechnical constructions
    • hulls cleaning and propellers polishing
    • underwater cutting and welding
    • cofferdams assembly and disassembly
    • bottom cleanliness inspection
    • excavation of sunken objects and wrecks
    • gabion baskets and mattresses installation
    • underwater concreting
nurek Szczecin - spawanie podwodne
nurek Szczecin - spawanie podwodne
nurek Szczecin - spawanie podwodne
nurek Szczecin - spawanie podwodne


We deal with the crushing of concrete, granite and other permanent underwater obstacles using the non-explosive method.


  • berths construction and repair
  • fenders and bollards installation
  • berths and port infrastructure inspections
  • drilling and injection



  • bathymetric depth-measuring
  • sonar measurements: inspection of bottom cleanliness
  • bottom sediments sample collection



  • ferromagnetic measurements
  • bomb engineers’ reconnaissance
  • identification and salvage of unexploded ordnance and unexploded bombs (UXO)
  • demolition work using explosives

Choose quality and safety.

We perform all underwater, hydrotechnical, and sapper works, as well as modernization and inspection of floating fleet. We also deal with overhauls and repairs of underwater parts of ships and other vessels. What is more, we perform works related to metal cutting and underwater welding, which requires extreme precision and great skills.
Moreover, we guarantee certified inspections of engineering facilities. Without exception, each order is preceded by thorough preparation, with care of safety standards and environment. The scope of work depends mainly on the investors needs: we cooperate with individual clients, institutions, and companies. We adjust our activities to the requirements set for us - our team and modern technology ensure high quality of services and efficient course of works.

Our fleet includes: floating diving base N-JR-2, carbased mobile diving base, work boats, concrete and glue pumps.

For each job, we select the most appropriate, professional tools and highest quality components, which guarantee durability for years

In NUREK SERVICE we successfully combine modern tools and efficient order handling. Sonars, robots and underwater welding tools guarantee that all works commissioned to us run smoothly. Excellent problem analysis and precise engineering preparation ensure accuracy and safety – both underwater and on the surface.

Underwater work requires extreme precision and high safety standards.

We have been growing for years, using newer and more effective methods.
We take care of the safety and progress of underwater works, as well as the protection of the surface and the immediate surroundings of hydrotechnical engineering, sapping and underwater works.We operate in accordance with the applicable standards and requirements of institutions: PN- ISO 45001:2018-067.

At every stage of the work, our priority is customer satisfaction and the objectives set. In addition, we focus on sustainable development of the company, ecological materials and respect for the environment.

We meet NATO requirements for a supply chain quality system in the military and related industries.



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